How to choose the right journal – Part II

Valeria Ushakova

If you are wondering how to go about finding calls for submissions, you’ve arrived at the right place. This is the second part of the two-part blog series on sending writing to (non-legal) magazines.

1.  Writing Communities

Universities with MFA Programs often display current publishing opportunities, like submission calls, contests and fellowships. Apart from resources by academic programs, writers’ associations, libraries and creative writing clubs offer valuable writing resources. The search can also be narrowed down by geographic location and type of writing.

2. ‘gram it

Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are just some of the platforms where writers can connect with fellow writers, as well as publishers and editors.
A good way to stay up to date on publishing opportunities is to follow your favourite writers, editors and accounts that publish calls for submissions. Since a lot of successful writers are heavily involved in publishing, they often share calls for submissions, contests they are judging, craft workshops and writing they have enjoyed. Engaging with these opportunities can improve your writing and expose you to new writers and magazines.
Another way to leverage social media in an effort to find calls for submission is by using the search function. Some helpful hashtags to start out with are #writeforus, #writingcommunity and #callforsubmission.

3. More Social Media: Writing Blogs and Vlogs

If you are looking to broaden your literary horizon, literary b-/v-logs are wonderful resources. From Latinx literature, to travel writing, writing about music and poetry reviews, there is likely something for everyone. Many vlogs and blogs offer generous amounts of tips that can elevate your writing and improve your submission game. You can also find reading recommendations and news from the writing community, including (you’ve guessed it) current submission opportunities

4 . Read more

It goes without saying that good writers read.
Familiarising yourself with the writing in your dream magazine raises your chances of getting published. At the very least, it’s a great ice breaker when your pitch mentions a recent article you’ve enjoyed. But reading widely also grows your awareness of your fellow writers. Have a look at writers’ biographies in magazines to see where else they have been published. Some of those places may become venues for your writing. 

5 .  Submittable’s Discover feature

Creating a Submittable account is free and allows users access to a regularly updated list of writing opportunities. After you’ve signed in, click on Discover to browse through current opportunities.  You can filter for relevant results, such as journalism and technology related submissions. 

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